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Lover of swimming, cycling and running helping inspire people 

to follow a healthy and fit lifestyle

I have always believed everyone has the potential to achieve great things if they have the will to do so, the right knowledge and supportive people around them.  This is true for anyone trying to make a lifestyle change, whether that is work, health, weight loss or fitness-related.  

The difficulty is often making the first step.  It is normal to feel there is a mountain to climb or that you are so far away from where you want to get to that making change is too big a task to even begin.  But making change is possible.  You can ditch long term bad habits and create new positive ones with the right guidance and motivation.


​This site has been created to help everyone regardless of current ability, or the shape they maybe in.  It contains tips on healthy eating, exercise and content to inspire you to make a change.


​Have a look around and let me inspire you to get started on your journey towards a healthy, fit and active lifestyle.


"You have the potential to be amazing,

         We have the ability to inspire you"

"I am very grateful for the support Linda provided me with, I could'nt have achieved the losses without her guidance. She is brilliant! "
"Thank you for helping me get my healthy lifestyle back on track. I feel fabulous and motivated to keep going!"

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