The Healthy You Plan

Healthy You is an 8 week plan costing £10 a week.   Here is what you get!

  • Initial induction – a one hour call to discuss your goals and introduce you to the programme.  This is where we start to get to know you, understand your goals and begin you on the plan.


  • A bespoke plan for you – created after the initial induction and which will include guidance on portion control, what to eat, in what proportions, what to avoid and menu ideas. Basically, everything you need to ensure that you eat a healthy balanced diet while hitting your weight goals.

  • Weekly online food diary analysis 

  • Regular check-ins by email – to keep you accountable and to allow me to support you. 

  • Free fitness advice and guidance  


  • Review – once you have reached the end of the 8 week Healthy You plan.  We will celebrate your goals, discuss how to keep you on track and where I can help you in the future. 

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The Small Print

The Healthy You Plan is suitable for all adults including those with dietary preferences such as vegetarian or vegan or dairy-free.  However, if you have medical issues that require you to follow specific dietary requirements then we would advise that you seek support from a specialist nutritionist or your GP.   This is why we send you a “Readiness questionnaire” prior to taking payment to ensure we are the best people to help you.​