I am Linda, a 40 something, mother of three who likes to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Having spent many years working in the communications industry last year I felt it was time for a change and to put my energy into something I feel really passionate about.


I decided I wanted to help and inspire other people lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle.  


What qualifies me to do this?  Well I have studied and qualified as a Nutrition and Sports Nutrition Advisor which is certified by the Association of Nutrition, I am an England Athletics Run Leader and I have years of experience changing my own life through fitness.  I also appreciate how hard it is to make that first step without the right support. 


Making one positive change helps you make others.  My journey began in 2012 when I met someone who was encouraging, positive and genuinely wanted me to become fit and healthly.  I enrolled on an 8 week boot camp and never looked back.  


My journey has seen me taking part in some amazing challenges, and in doing so I have made some wonderful friends  (some are in the  pictures below) who have inspired me to take part in some crazy events and adventures.  It is an exciting journey and I am not done yet.


I hope my story and website inspires you to begin your journey with me.


Linda x