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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 On Test


While Brooks trainers are an established brand used by many runners they are not one I had ever worn before so I was keen to test their new GTS trainer. A quick post on social media gained a lot of feedback from running friends advocating their Brooks trainers, which I hoped would be a good sign.

The Technology

Brooks say its new Adrenaline GTS 19 trainers have been created specifically for providing increased support to runners and to keep excess heel, shin and knee motion in check. Manufacturing the trainers using its new patented, GuideRail technology to create extra stability which, put simply, describes the cushioning. The heel has a softer cushioning to keep your landing soft whereas the forefoot has more responsive cushioning to give some spring to your toe off. Overall the Guiderail cushioning is supposed to keep your running stable and foot firmly in position. The shoe has a conventional 12mm mid-sole drop and at 272g they still qualify as a lightweight trainer.


When I first slotted my feet into the GTS trainer it felt noticeably padded and soft not just around the heel area but underneath the whole foot. I will admit I wondered then if they might feel a bit cumbersome to run in because the trainers also felt heavier in hand, than I am used to wearing.

My first road run in these trainers they did feel very padded and although my foot felt firmly in place throughout the run I did not think there was any noticeable difference to attribute to the Guiderail technology. But I think that is the point; the longer I wore these trainers the more I liked them because even on my long runs I was still feeling quite springy at the end of the run.

"The other noticeable difference was I realised I was not experiencing achy knees which on longish runs can become an issue for me. I have also worn other trainers supposed to absorb shocks and stop knees hurting and they don’t work, so I think Brooks is onto a winner with the way they have manufactured these shoes."

I also liked the fact the toe box is quite wide, so my toes never felt squashed even when my feet where hot and slightly swollen at the end of a long run.


If I had to sum up the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 trainer in one word it would be comfort closely followed by stability. These trainers are so comfortable to run in you hardly feel the ground under the sole of the shoe. I have tested these trainers on road, gravel, light trails and a mixture of hills and flats over a period of five weeks and found the performance consistently good. The shoe has good grip even on a slippy, muddy surface I felt sure footed, and the body of the trainer is pretty sturdy yet with good flexibility. They feel durable, the padding is still as comfortable as on day one. They are particularly good for steady runs as well as for runners looking for a stability shoe. If you are a runner that has suffered from heel pain or plantar fasciitis then I would give the GTS a try because the padding is really exceptional around the heel on this shoe as well as underneath.

The only surface I have been less keen on was the treadmill but I that is likely because I prefer a lighter shoe, using the treadmill for intervals and speedwork. And to be fair to Brooks, they don’t market the shoe for speed or racing.

Finally, the new GTS trainer is certainly a good looking one. Although, I have never been much of a fan of a black trainer these ones are stylish and the performance would appear to match their looks.


Brooks does not overpromise on this shoe, it performs well as a stability trainer on a range of mixed surfaces. Use for comfort and distance runs.

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