Don't let a puncture spoil your ride

A common worry among new cyclists is how to change a puncture and even experienced cyclists can find it a bit tricky. If you tend to ride solo then you certainly owe it to yourself to make sure you know how to do this, there is no fun being stuck miles from home with a flat with no idea how to change it.

You should make sure you always leave the house with a couple of tyre levers, spare inner tubes and a pump in your back pocket. If you prefer you can buy a mini saddle bag which attaches to your seat to keep all your bits in and simply leave them on your bike. There are also handy small compressed air canisters that can make it easier to inflate your tube.

Many of the local cycle shops provide bike maintenance courses that cover changing a tyre and you can get some great tips from simply watching a few films on YouTube. But practice really does makes perfect, so get an old tyre, take it off, put it back on again and repeat until you are comfortable with the process or until your hands hurt.

Remind yourself each season how to do this and if you are getting ready for a race make sure you are familiar with how to get your back wheel off, as depending on the bike there can be a few differences on getting it on around the crank and chain.

Another tip is to check your tyres for nicks before you go out for a ride, do this as frequently as you pump your tyres. It helps you identify wear and the decision to change a tyre before heading out can save you having a puncture on the road-side in the long run.

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