Don't train when unwell

Last week, I felt under the weather before a swim session. My throat was a bit sore and I was feeling really lethargic but, despite being warned by my other half that swimming when not firing on all cylinders was a bad idea, I shrugged it off and went anyway. Unfortunately, he was right.

The next day I woke with the most horrendous sore throat, achy body and a temperature. Seven days later I am still fighting off the virus. My sore throat has gone but the cold has transferred itself to my vocal chords leaving me with a touch of acute laryngitis and now a bit of an annoying cough. I have not slept well for days and I have not trained in a week which is driving me crazy, even although I know I have no energy to train.

I rarely go the doctor but today I surrendered and booked an appointment. The doctor gave me a very thorough examination before recommending nothing more than Vitamin C , fluids and complete rest. She did however, cheer me up a bit by remarking I was extremely fit after looking at my oxygen levels, listening to my heart and taking my blood pressure. I will take a little consolation in that diagnosis and to be honest I don’t want to take antibiotics unnecessarily however, I am beginning to feel mega fed up at being on the side lines this week.

Having researched swimming with a cold I now realise that was a particularly stupid thing to do. Not only did I open myself up to picking up a bacterial infection I also risked spreading it to other pool users. I really hope I did not make other swimmers unwell but one thing is for sure I won’t be repeating my mistake.

For now, I am mostly on the sofa under a duvet, stuffing satsumas and hot lemons down my throat while binge watching as many Christmas movies as I can stomach.

Hopefully, it will be cleared up soon and I can get back training. The moral of my story is take care if you are feeling unwell and don’t make my mistake of trying to train through an illness.

Linda x