Eat less, exercise more

Eat less and exercise more is the secret to weight loss and becoming healthier and fitter. Okay so this is no great secret. But while we may know it, for many of us it is often a case of easier said than done.

So how do we get started. Finding someone to work with you, motivate you, push your trigger points and steer you in the right direction will help keep you on track and ultimately succeed in achieving your goals. Of course, you need to first of all have a desire to change and preferably a long term goal in mind that you can continue to aim at and focus on.

No one is going to stop you buying that bar of chocolate or bag of crisps and eating it, except you. You do need the will to do it and if you have that, then you will have the power to see it through. It is not always going to be easy but over time healthy choices become a habit and then a habit eventually becomes a lifestyle or way of life.

Eating a healthy balanced diet and regularly exercising every week will guarantee to get you results as well as help you shed excess weight. Importantly, it will make you healthier and as a bonus you will feel better about yourself, more confident and more motivated to keep going. I know this because I have been through it and I continue to try my best to follow a healthy diet as well as exercise more days in the week than not. I am lucky in that I have a partner who enjoys being fit and healthy, and I am surrounded by a group of friends who share the common interest of exercising and eating well with me. But first and foremost, I am self-motivated to help others, I believe everyone can make a change and that is why I know I can help you.

My healthy you plan is not designed to be a diet that you follow for a few weeks, loose a few pounds and then go back to all the old bad habits. It is a plan that is focussed on long term sustainable change, it is about signing up to a way of life that is not about depriving yourself of good things but it is about moderation and making good choices. It is about being consistent and seeing results over time.

Hopefully, everyone who signs up to the 8 week plan will feel inspired to continue on afterwards and be open to tackling more goals and fitness opportunities. The inspired reading section on this website is there with stories of people who I have helped and by others who have helped themselves and created incredible stories by committing themselves to achieving what others think might not be possible.

Everyone has the ability to do this, but mostly we need a little push in the right direction to begin the task of eating less and exercising more. Let me help you.

Relaxing after racing Ironman Santa Rosa in May