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Energy and Recovery Drinks

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

There are loads of energy products on the market to choose from, but for the last couple of years we have been fuelling our training mainly by using the following.

High 5 - We use the powder and buy it in 2.2 kg tubs. We use a caffeinated and non-caffeinated powder mix depending on what time of day we are training. The powder is a mix of carbohydrates and electrolytes which help hydrate you during exercise. It comes in various flavours although, we like the citrus one.

Tailwind - We first bought this in California ahead of a race as the local shops no longer stock PowerBar hydration. It is marketed as all you need to take all day long which means you don't need to eat any food or take anything else alongside it. Lots of endurance runners seem to use this and like it alot. Adrian used this when training for an ultra marathon but personally, I find it tastes a bit too salty for me.

Powerbar - Gels and bars. We might carry a gel or two if we are going on a long run but we don't really take gels unless we are racing. Powerbar Apple Flavour Caffeinated gels are generally what we use but sparingly. We use Powerbar bars for our long cycle rides. They are a bit dense but they have a good amount of carbs and cals in them and you can chop them into sections and take them on board every so many minutes knowing you are getting enough fuel in. Admittedly, after training with these bars for a couple of years I am lacking in enthusiasm now for them but they are good. Coconut is my favourite.

USN Protein Recovery Powder - After a hard session we tend to have a protein recovery shake. We use USN, as it is full of all the nutrients we need and it tastes okay. You can mix it with milk or water. Chocolate or Strawberry is Adrian's go to drink.

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