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Finding excuses to train

It is a scientific fact exercise produces feel good hormones. The better we feel the more inclined we are to do more of the good stuff that makes us feel this way. Exercise and happiness goes hand in hand for me. I feel better about myself and more motivated when I am regularly training than if I am not.

While that is all well and good for those already in the exercise cycle for others it is often much harder to get motivated and started. What stops you? I imagine a number of things, but the biggest is finding excuses not to do it. Be honest how often have you used the weather; it’s too cold or too hot outside, or the piling up of laundry and housework or the not enough time in the day excuse and so many more.

As a contrast would thinking up some positive excuses to actually do it have the reverse effect? For example, when it is cold outside you could try thinking you will warm up soon, you won’t be in any danger of overheating and you will feel fantastic when you’re finished. If the laundry is piling up then at least you can quickly add your sweaty kit to the next wash when you are done. When you can’t afford to join a gym then running or walking is free, change your shoes, get out the door and before you know it you will be at the end of your street.

But if none of these excuses jump you into action then maybe a thought on how lucky you are to have the ability to exercise might just do the trick.

Being injury free, able and healthy is a luxury not everyone has.

Linking your exercise with doing some good for a charitable cause could be another way to motivate you to set a goal and be more active.

Getting away from the laptops, the mobiles, the office desks and the couch is healthy for your body, your mind and your soul.

Don’t let those excuses stop you, I guarantee you will feel 100% better for it.


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