Finding Inspiration to Train

With my races for the season now behind me, I have enjoyed a couple of restful, recovery weeks and now I am starting to think about beginning to consciously eat healthy and move on to my winter fitness regime. As per usual my weekly programme involves running, swimming and cycling with a few core and strength sessions thrown in for good measure and looking at my plan winter training is about to become quite full on.

I am feeling especially motivated to start training hard since I have taken the plunge and signed up for a couple of big events for next year. My first race is Ironman Lanzarote in May, which is a tough course but one that I have wanted to take part in since I stood on the beach at Puerto Del Carmen to watch my friends take part in 2017.

This event is like no other ironman event I have taken part in or spectated at. The swim is the same 3.8k distance as always but it is a mass start which quite frankly looks crazy. This will be my first event where it is a sea swim so I am feeling a wee bit nervous about that too. The 182.2k bike route has 2,508m / 8,200 ft of elevation which is tough in itself, but add onto that the wind and heat, and it becomes pretty challenging. For once I am looking forward mostly to the run, because by that point I will have survived the swim and the bike and hopefully the heat of the day will have passed. It is not going to be a PB course for me but my goal is to finish the time is not relevant.

Having committed to the race I know it will keep me going through the winter training days when the weather is less than inviting to get outside and I am feeling like sacking off a session. There is no room for half hearted training here which is exactly what I need if I am going to achieve my goal to finish.

I have a post it on my wall on which I wrote six key things I wanted to sort out at the start of the year. It reads

  1. Sore feet on bike

  2. Increase ftp

  3. Better bike handling skills

  4. Core work & Strength

  5. Increase run pace

  6. Reduce weight to below 70kg

I have ticked off everything except number 6, which I am not overly worried about but I will concentrate more on now since every kg I can loose will help me with my climbing on the bike.

So, if you are not feeling inspired to train hard then go find something that will give you that motivation. Write your goals down, keep them somewhere you can see everyday and remember to review them at the end of the year or when you are starting your next season. Be proud of what you have achieved and keep reaching for the next one.

Linda x