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Run after your goals

Updated: May 26, 2021

Whether you are an experienced runner or new to running it is always good to run with a purpose or goal in mind. We find setting goals help keeps us motivated and helps to give each of our runs a purpose. So whether we are looking to improve our pace, cadence, form or endurance there is always something in our head while on a run that is keeping us focussed.

Goals can be simple ones such as running from between certain points without stopping, or making sure you are looking up, landing on a certain part of your foot, breathing, not necessarily being too focussed on pace or time. Whatever they are, make them specific, achievable, and realistic for you.

Find a training plan that matches your goal and fitness. There are loads of free ones online so whatever your ability or starting point a quick google and you will easily find a plan and training structure to suit you. However, you might want to find a coach to help you with your training and develop a plan just right for you.

Fun with a friend to keep you accountable. Often when I don’t feel like going for a run just knowing Adrian is ready and waiting to start is a big enough motivator.

Join a running club. If running in a group sounds appealing, then take the plunge and join a club. You will find a lot of enthusiastic runners and like minded people. Most clubs have organised runs for all abilities, so it is easy to join up and get involved.

Do park run. With park runs all over the UK there is bound to be one in easy striking distance for you. Don’t be intimidated by them, they are really friendly and you will find people of all paces and ability taking part. It is also a good way to measure your progress week by week. They are also free!

Don’t worry too much about what gear you are running in. A decent pair of trainers is all you really need and if you are a woman, then consider investing in a sports bra. You don't need a fancy watch although it is fun to track your activities.

Finally, while you may have bags of enthusiasm to start running, be realistic and increase your distance slowly. This helps avoid injury. A general rule of thumb is not to increase your mileage by more than 10% a week.

Enjoy your run!

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