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Setting up your back garden pool

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Since lockdown closed the swimming pools in the UK, we invested in our own pool so that we could continue to swim in our back garden.

Here is what we bought and how we set up our pool

Intex Prism 4 m x 2m x 1m above ground pool. It comes with a pool filter pump and pipework and a ladder for ease of access to the pool. This rectangular pool is easy for two people to set up. It has a very easy push click frame system which the liner simply slides into. It took about an hour and half for us to set it up (including building the ladders) and then about six hours to fill it!

We set our pool up on a partially patio / pebble base so to avoid any pebbles coming through and nicking the pool liner we invested in some cheap carpet insulation and laid that in between membrane underneath the pool. We also used some cardboard to level it out a bit. When you start filling your pool with water start by just putting a little bit in and see where the water is landing, that will tell you if your pool is level or needs a bit of adjusting. It is important to do that before you fill it right up or you could end up with a lopsided pool.

We don’t have a pool heater or solar panels etc. However, we did buy an Intex thermal cover, which floats on top of the pool and seems to warm the water up quite well. We also bought a standard pool cover which ties to the legs of the pool and keeps the bugs out when we are not swimming in it.

To swim in the pool, we use a swim bungee. The leash is latex and comes with a velcro belt for your waist. To anchor it we simply tether the leash around the legs of one end of the pool and then put the belt on. It is important to make sure the leash is not twisted but other than that there is not much to this set up. You don’t need to create an angle or have the lease tethered outside your pool on a pole.

In terms of swimming in the pool, honestly it can feel a bit hard going. We have introduced sets of 10 mins so that we have a bit of focus to our swims. We simply use a stop watch to see how long we have been going for. We did start by using a pool buoy but it is not necessary. We have used wetsuits as it has been a bit cold but now the weather is warmer is nice to get in with just a swimsuit.

Overall, a good investment for us which will payback quickly since our swim membership has stopped. Also, quite fun for the rest of the family enjoy floating in on hot days.

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