Start Your New Year Now!

Contrary to what you might think, December is a great month to start a new healthy eating and fitness regime. It is a busy time of year what with office parties, family events and Christmas festivities generally revolving around food and drink, so having some focus on what you are eating and drinking as well as how often you are exercising at this time will help you avoid piling on the pounds.

Being conscientious during December will give you head start on your goals so that by the time you hit January 1st you are already in a great routine that does not require any specific resolutions and importantly you have not undone all the good from the training you have put in during the year.

I am not suggesting a little indulgence isn’t allowed rather just begin and keep good habits in mind and it will be easier to keep them up as you get into the period where there is lots of food and drink on offer. My resolution this month is to make sure I keep my fruit intake up, so I have started to consciously eat at least two pieces of fruit a day to get my vitamins in and avoid the temptation of snacking on my favourite mince pies. So far so good, I have managed to resist buying mince pies replacing them with satsumas. I am also watching my portion sizes and choosing to eat a little less to reflect the fact that my training is not as intensive as in previously months which will avoid me overeating.

For many people December is more of a stressful time than a happy one, so having some exercise regularly planned into your week is good for both your physical and your mental well-being. Find some exercises to introduce into your morning routine, whether that is squats while cleaning your teeth or some sit ups or push ups before you have your breakfast, something manageable and not time consuming is easy to become a good habit.

Try getting away from your work environment during the day. Having a 30 minute walk or jog / run at lunchtime will get your blood pumping and the fresh air will wake you up and make you feel ready to start the afternoon. If you can take an hour or 45 mins and fit in an exercise class then even better. Try yoga or pilates if you are looking for something less intensive and relaxing.

Getting ready for a snow run last December

Making new changes now, no matter how small will help you focused and on track with a healthy lifestyle during the Christmas period. Enjoy!