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Stomp The Pedal - Swimwear Review

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Stomp the Pedal is a UK based independent women’s specific swim, cycle, triathlon and activewear brand created by entrepreneur and triathlete, Tarsh Wendt.

We first came across the Stomp The Pedal brand in 2019 a few months before heading out to Kona. Tarsh was kindly giving GB athletes the opportunity to wear her Ohana swimsuit collection in the iconic Underpants Run. Adrian signed up and not wishing to be left out, I purchased a matching swimsuit.

We had an absolute ball in Kona taking part in the Underpants run with Tarsh and all the other athletes, which was so much more fun when we were all wearing the same swimmers! Adrian and I really like wearing matching training kit too, so we have worn these suits together a lot.

The Team GB boys rocking their STP swimmers!

Apart from the fun we had, the Stomp The Pedal swimsuit is really comfortable to swim in. I particularly like the thin straps and back design of this suit. The cut away on the legs is flattering and not too high and the bottom has a nice tight fit but not too skimpy so if like me you have a backside this suit covers it well. Apart from being one of the prettiest suits I have ever owned, the quality is excellent. The fabric is soft and it has a good quality lining. It is 100% chlorine resistant and having worn this swimsuit regularly to my local pool, the colour has not faded and the swimsuit is not deteriorating at all.

We are a matchy, matchy couple! Wearing our Ohana Collection Stomp The Pedal

I loved this suit so much I bought another in a different design as well as a two piece. The style of Stomp the Pedal is bright and unique. As a triathlete, Tasha understands what women are looking for from their apparel and she puts a huge amount of effort into testing all her kit, and sharing her journey with what she calls her STP Global Familia. It is a very personal brand and one I really enjoy supporting. I have had parcels arrive with handwritten notes, small gifts included and the overall appreciation by Tarsh that you have supported her is something that is really nice and often missing from other brands. I have also bought one of her flowy tank t-shirts because the design is cool and it is also a comfortable casual top.

Overall, please don’t look past this brand if you are searching for some new triathlon kit. The swimwear is unique, great quality and you will not regret this purchase.

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