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Zoot Ultra TT Trainers On Test

When Zoot launched these new Zoot Ultra TT trainers last year we both instantly loved the bright colourful design. They are super lightweight and flexible yet with enough padding for comfortable long runs. The shoes have a reasonable grip on the soles although I have found them occasionally a little slippy when using them on the treadmill.

These trainers have Tri-Dry drainage holes that allow water to escape which helps to reduce blisters and weight from water logging in your shoes. This technical design

addition should be a real bonus for Adrian as he tends to sweat a lot and after long runs his trainers can be absolutely soaked.

The #Zoot trainer has both a heel loop and tongue loop to aid pulling them on and they come with quick entry elastic laces which Zoot say will help you get out of transition 2 faster. They are certainly easy to slip on for training and once we have had the opportunity to race in them we will report back.

Overall, we like these bright eye-catching trainers which are so much more than simply a floral tribute to the brands Hawaiian roots.

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