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Lanzarote Fun Training Camps

The beautiful island of Lanzarote is a triathletes training paradise with its smooth open roads, clear blue seas and warm sunny climate it is not hard to understand why it has become so popular with both professional and amateur athletes. 

We have been visiting the island for years and have both taken part in the iconic Ironman Lanzarote race.  It is an island known for it is majestic volcanic landscape which makes cycling challenging but also breathtaking. Whatever your level of fitness there is a route to suit you and you are guaranteed to return home stronger and happier.

We have decided to use our knowledge and love of the island to open up some social training camps of our own where we can introduce our cycling and triathletes friends to the island.  Our camps accommodation will be based in Puerto Del Carmen with swim, bike and run training aimed at all levels with a clear emphasis on fun.  

Our next Lanzarote Training Camp is planned for Feb 2023 - contact us to find out more!.


Pain Cave Design


While we prefer to train outdoors the reality of living with the UK weather means that we also need an indoor option to allow us to maximise our training all year round. Wherever we have lived we have always converted a room in our house or our garage to give us a designated space where we can have our bike turbos and treadmill always set up and ready to go. 

Even the smallest space, with good design can provide you with the perfect training room.  In our experience a nicely designed training room will give you lots of motivation to train too.


Stuck for ideas on how to do this?  We can help you with design and layout and advise on what equipment set up might work for you.

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